Saturday, January 9, 2010


*Artist: Zonaria
*Year: 2002-2008
*Genre: Melodic Death Metal
*Country: Sweden (Umea)
*Format: mp3

Current line-up: 
Simon Berglund - Vocals/Guitar (Oroku Saki)
Emil Nyström - Guitar (Nuquerna)
Markus Åkebo - Bass
Emanuel "Cebbe" Isaksson - Drums (Acridian)

Former/Past Member(s):
Mikael Hammarberg - Vocals
Christoffer Wikström - Bass
Jerry Ekman - Bass
Karl Flodin - Bass
Claes-Göran Nydahl - Drums
Niklas Lindroth - Drums
Simon Carlén - Drums
Johan Aronsson - Keyboards

Additional notes:
The band was formed in 2001 under the name 'Seal Precious'. Back then, Simon Berglund (vocals/guitar) was only 14 years old and the songs were basically power metal (with clean vocals).

*2002 Illusionary Games [demo] -[DOWNLOAD]-
*2005Evolution Overdose [demo] -[DOWNLOAD]-
*2006Rendered In Vain [demo] -[DOWNLOAD]-
*2008Infamy And The Breed [full-length] -[DOWNLOAD]-
*2008 The Cancer Empire [full-length] -[DOWNLOAD]-


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